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Logo Design

Do you need a new logo, or do you have an old logo you want to refresh?


    Do you need a new logo? Our experienced in-house design team can help. If you would like us to design a logo for you please follow the brief below for the information we need:

    Provide Information About Your Business
    While it's easy to jump into the visual aspects of a logo design brief, it's always better to start with the why. In this case, background information on you and your business. Our graphic designers are more than just computer operators: they understand people, products, industries and how to choose compatible aesthetics for these aspects.

    Describe Your Product, Target Audience and Industry
    Good designers know which design techniques work well for different types of products, audiences and industries, so this is a good place to go in to detail. Think about sharing your product materials, manufacturing process, customer lifestyles or other industry competitors you have.

    Describe Your Brand Values
    Different brand values also translate to different design styles. When explaining your brand values it might help to think of different value aspects such as modern vs vintage, fun vs sophisticated or young vs mature. Our designers can use these values visually with design elements.

    Provide Your Company Name
    While this one seems obvious, it's often overlooked. Make sure you specify exactly how it should be presented. What case do you want the letters in? Are there spaces between words? Does it matter if everything appears on one line or multiple lines?

    Provide Your Company Slogan or Strapline
    In some cases, slogans are embedded into a design and can't be removed from a logo. Think long and hard about whether you want one in your logo. Or, if you want something more flexible, you can make sure to let our designer know you need it to be removable. Keep in mind however, that, this will lead to more design files to keep track of.

    Communicate Your Desired Logo Style
    Wordmark? Emblem? Abstract mark? Specifying your desired logo format will save you and our designers a lot of time during the design process. If you're not totally sure on the format, feel free to suggest a couple formats that you think might work. Our designers might be able to show you a couple different options.

    Design Style
    In addition to logo type, you can mention style as well. Some examples of logo design styles you like may prove helpful.