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Product Design

No design yet? That is not a problem. We can design any of the items on our site for you to order and at a fixed cost.


    We offer fixed cost design services for all the products you can order from our site. Simply choose the item you wish to have designed from the simple drop down menu above and add it to your basket along with the original product you want to order. It's as simple as that.

    We will then produce mock-ups for you and go through a full proofing process with you until you are happy with your design. Nothing will be printed without your approval.

    There are just two exceptions in the list:

    Business Cards:
    You can choose a new design, but there is also the option of an amendment to a card we have previously done for you.

    Start at the minimum booklet size of 8pp (printed pages) and if that is all you need just choose that option. If you require more pages just add the extra 4pp option the required number of times e.g. for a 20pp booklet add 1 x 8pp and 3 x 4pp to give the 20pp, or just add 5 x 4pp as long as they add up to the number of pages you want the price is the same.

    If you need any help please give us a call or use the Contact Us page.